BOOYA!!! Due to renewing my Canadian visa, (and it taking wayyy longer than expected) I’m coming back to get busy full-time in Montreal come March 2016. I’ll be residing at Adrenaline at 1541 Sherbrooke, Mtl. and traveling when I can as well to tattoo clients and take on murals & large scale paintings as well. Huge thanks to all my amazing clients who waited for me to get back to full-time, and have emailed about future projects.. For real, you all rock. I’ll be taking appts via email (also just through my contact page on my site) and taking on newer projects as well as finishing sleeves/ones I started before Summer. So hyped to get people back in my chair, & do what I love. Let’s get busy lovely people…

For any appointment inquiries, pls email:


Got a shorty on the way!!

While in Minneapolis and tattooing in January, I got the news of a lifetime.. Time to buy some crayons & sleep while we can… (rarely happens as is) Floored, and grateful doesn’t begin to describe it..  😉



Wall Projects for Jan ’16 (East Coast sessions)

While back home in Maryland over the recent trip in December and January, I got to do even more of what I love to do with cans and brushes.. One was a baby piece I got to do for little Parker ( my homie’s son that should be arriving in late March).. and a couple of walls for the IT firm IMMUTA, based out of College Park, MD.  Front wall was 10ft x 10ft and the back one was 10ft. x 24ft long. Both projects insanely fun to get busy on.. Always down to do commissions for fun spaces when I’m not tattooing my face off.. 

Some of the Immuta shots taken by the one and only Pete Duvall. 



IMG_1799 IMG_1816 IMG_1833 IMG_1876IMG_2198 IMG_2080 IMG_2190IMG_2156

Twilight Tattoo guest spot Jan 2016!

Kicked off 2016 with a start I never could have imagined.. Great time guest spotting at Twilight Tattoo in Mpls, and seeing some amazing souls as always. Tattooed some fun stuff, had some bad ass sushi as planned… and got one of the BEST phone calls I’ve ever received in my life. More on this in a recent blog update!.. I’ll be back there soon enough, love that city… 😉


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