September 7, 2016 Chris Allen

The Hilton Hotel Project originals are here!

In getting the new studio together currently, Chris resurfaced the original sketches from the Hilton Hotel project in Minneapolis. 9 of the 11 original sketches he drew, and are now permanently installed in the Hilton hotel lobby on glass. (About 40 ft long in length) Ready to be framed and for purchase as of Sept 2016!!

14249150_10208554117465031_1274656244_n 14302410_10208554120345103_1154869097_n 14302402_10208554120425105_1047807821_n 14269399_10208554125025220_1306787425_n 14256477_10208554122505157_1305147023_n 14249284_10208554121905142_1023571687_n