Chris now Tattooing at Studio Artease in Montreal!

After some guest spots in Spring/Summer, Chris has landed a seat for now in the mighty Studio Artease Tattoo Shop in Verdun, QC. He will be taking appts for tattooing there, alongside the other mural & painting work under way currently and this coming Fall. To book any consultations, contact the studio at:

The DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Summertime Vol 9 Mixtape cover, done by Inkproof (July ‘18)

Honored isn’t a big enough word for Chris on this one..

Getting word that he was gonna rock the new mix from the legendary Jeff & Mick?!!! Come on..

Feel free to boom the mix and see the cover here:

BIG CHANGES this Spring!

Chris is stepping out and taking on a new tattooing schedule and guest spot home for Spring, starting this April!! He’ll be at Studio Artease in Mtl with new hours, and ready to rock with new projects for all. Anyone looking to set up a consultation for any appointments, contact: or call: 514-768-7598. Here’s to new chapters!


April’s gonna be BIG

New direction, new focus, new starts come April 1st. After being at one shop (along with traveling and going various guest spots), Chris will be stepping out and guest spotting for tattooing appts around Montreal, as well as focusing a lot more on painting, mural work, & more specific tattooing projects this year. Here’s to the new!



That’s right, the brand new drop is here people! Custom high quality hoodies, logo stitched beanies, long sleeves and tees are now here and ready to roll. (Limited run, and these won’t last long… check store for details)


IMG_6921 IMG_6920 IMG_6915 IMG_6913 IMG_6908 IMG_6900 IMG_6895 IMG_6894

King of the Fall

Chris had to drop a new one for the season.. watercolor, pen, pencil, tattoo ink and espresso (back at it with the espresso backgrounds for some upcoming pieces this Winter as well).. 10in x 10in
For Sale
-Email for sale inquiries